Kevin W. Johnson, CMT

Kevin is an experienced massage therapist living in Provincetown, MA. He is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic massage and educating people on overall wellness. Kevin has succeeded in building an efficient private practice while working alongside other massage therapists. He has been able to uphold moral ethics to help promote a positive view on the industry. Kevin has established and maintained excellent client relationships that ensure a higher number of repeat clientele. He has also instructed clients in proper care and has helped these individuals take steps to improve and maintain their health.

As a graduate of the Lincoln Technical Institute of Rhode Island, his work has its foundations in muscular therapy and is influenced by myofascial, neuromuscular and sports therapies. Kevin offers both deep tissue and general relaxation treatments utilizing various speeds, rhythms, and pressures to treat pain, muscle tension, and injury while reducing stress. Body awareness and self-care are also emphasized to achieve maximum health benefits. Each muscular therapy session is tailored to meet your needs and individual treatment
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Qualified in: Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, reflexology and aromatherapy. Areas of knowledge also cover CPR, nutrition and self-care.

Philosophy: Kevin's main goal is to provide therapeutic massage and other forms of bodywork therapy that can help release the toxins and assist in the natural healing process. Additionally, this will assist in the removal of aches, pains and stress, leaving you relaxed and energized.

Available Monday through Saturday

Provincetown, MA
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